“Are Stem Cells about to change the way we think about Anti-Ageing Treatments”?

Sound Impossible?

This is the question being asked by many!

Stem Cells are being hailed as a revolution in Anti-Ageing treatments in America and Europe.  The discovery of this phenomenon arose when Stem Sells were transferred out of the body and put through a centrifuge like process.  They were then transferred back into the same body to heal medical issues such as arthritis and joint pain.  These patients discovered a side benefit – their skin looked less wrinkled and smoother.

Stem Cell Technology

Although Stem Cell technology has been successfully used in the treatment of a range of medical conditions, using Stem Cell technology in a new Skin Care Range is a relatively new Anti-Ageing Phenomenon.

Growth factors, or cytokines, are the cell’s language – the way that thousands of cells communicate, allowing them to repair and re-generate tissue in the body.

Dr. Nathan Newman

a pioneer in Stem Cell therapy, has created an entire line of Derma-grade™ skin care products and his proprietary Stem Cell technology is re-defining youth.  This sophisticated skin care regime complements and completes a comprehensive approach, for a natural youthful appearance, while achieving and maintaining healthy skin ad the most radiant complexion possible.