About Carol

Hi, my name is Carol and I have always been interested in health and beauty.

It started as a teenager when my girlfriend and I started singing around the pubs and clubs in the early 60’s.  We were the first female duet on the pop scene at the time and we also backed up major acts from the USA touring Australia.

We had to wear heavy oil-based makeup so that the people at the back of the auditorium could actually see our faces which of course played havoc with our young skin.  Every six weeks we would visit a salon in the city where we would have our skin thoroughly cleansed and moisturized and our eyebrows and eyelashes tinted – quite a new thing at the time, hence my launch into taking care of my skin and health.

Eating sensibly and drinking plenty of water became a habit which I have adhered to all my life.  Visiting other cities where the temperatures vary from one day to the next it became ever more important to protect my skin from the elements, especially the sun.

Over the years I have continued that regime while working and raising a large family, most of the time as a single mother, and have been fortunate to still have a younger look even in my 70’s.   People have commented that I do not look my age and want to keep it that way for as long as I can.  I think the genes from my Welsh mother has also helped.


This phenomenon though has taken my breath away.  Having very fair skin – obviously from the English side of the family – I have always had to be careful about sun exposure but over time I still acquired some horrible looking sun spots on my neck and hands.

Within two weeks of starting to use these products the sun spots on my neck were almost invisible and I could only see them myself if I peered inquisitively into the mirror.  My hands are almost completely clear of age-related sunspots.

My skin is softer and looks more radiant and luminous and we women like to stay LOOKING young for as long as we can.  I would recommend that you try this product and see for yourself the transformation.

The cream that one uses around the eyes is often referred to as “Botox in a Bottle” as the slightest pat around the eyes removes that puffiness in two (2) minutes.